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Curse Love

Love Curse Love Curse
Curse Love Curse Love

Can you break it ?

Curse Love Curse Love
Love Curse Love Curse

Am i use vodoo ?

Love Curse Love Curse
Curse Love Curse Love

I been curse
With you
you you and always you

My head gonna explode
Cause only you you and you
On my mind

Oh no . Why only you on my mind
Makes me feel gonna curse

Please kill please love
Remove me from this curse love
I’m fall in curse love
Laugh – Sad – Crazy
This is curse love

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Girl Secret

Boys can you drop your money
Just thinking i never ask your money
Just thinking you been lost your money
Money Money Money Money

Boys still think my hair is same
But he doesn’t know anything
My purse , bag , clothes , lipstick , powder , shoes looks fine
But he doesn’t know anything

All boys . . .
In the world
Just keep your mouth on pocket
And give ours time , time to shopping cause i like it

We love blink , fashion , dollars ,something shiny , make me pretty
And of course we love you boys ( Maybe, hahaha )

See , think , use , and buy
That is a girl secret
Don’t your think we can stay only at 1 thing
Hope you know it , you must know it
We are girl and many girl have a secret

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Travelled Time

Its gonna start
Its gonna start
Maybe i think
Start to review
What its been pass
And have been i done

When some trouble come
We are want back
Back to the time
Before some , a , are , they , came trouble to me . . .

Travelled time
Hope i can back
Back back to time
Back to you,Back to him,Back to she
I want travelled time

Rush Rush
Every body gonna rush
Time its running out
Sound tick tock from clock
Hope its gonna happen – gonna happen

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100 8520/85xx themes

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info lengkap di:

1. Windows 7

2. Avatar

3. Love American Style for OS 5.0

4. 3D Colorful Neon Blackberry 8520 theme

5. Love American Style for OS 4.6

6. CrackBerry Theme v1.0

7. Green Lantern : War of Light / Blackest Night

8. Tweme – The Twitter Theme for Blackberry

9. Manchester United

10. Tiger Chinese New Year

11. New Moon

12. Blueberry

13. Disney Valentine

14. Chocolate Valentine

15. Barbie

16. Avatar 8520

17. White Valentine

18. Maskot World Cup 2010

19. Arthur The Movie

20. Blue Valentine

21. iwindows7

22. Teal 8520

23. Aura

24. Precision Reflections

25. Precision Tweaked

26. Hello Kitty Pink

27. Precision Tweaked With Today

28. Colorful Hello Kitty

29. Scenic Ring

30. Tinkerbell Gemini

31. Pink Xmas Plus Icon Homescreen

32. Pink Xmas

33. Cute Keroppi

34. Hello Kitty Cute Pink

35. Vampire New Moon

36. Akatsuki – Naruto

37. Pink Charming Kitty

38. Naruto’s Own Theme

39. Pink Blackberry

40. My Little Pony

41. Moon 8520

42. Metal 8520

43. New Heart

44. Hitman

45. Hello Kitty Gemini

46. Mickey Mouse

47. Pucca

48. Tweety

49. Winter Wonderland

50. Green Christmas

51. Cute Pink Chococat

52. Hello Kitty Cute Purple

53. Patriots

54. Lady Science

55. Pinky Theme

56. Animated Heart

57. Tomato

58. Where The Wild Things Are

59. Italian Pasta Salad

60. Chocolate

61. Christmas Cat

62. Red Redo

63. Carbon Slick

64. Blueprint

65. Moon

member/courtney/moon8520/com_plazmic_theme_moon8520.jad” target=”_blank”>

66. Kupuberry

67. My Little Pony

68. Teal

69. Green Swirls

70. Spiderman

71. Pink Ribbon

72. Pride Bottom Dock With Weather Icon

73. Red Flower

74. Metal

75. Pride Bottom Dock Lesbian Version

76. Rainbowbrite

77. Carebears

78. Red – Top Hidden Dock & Weather Icon

79. Purple

80. Product Red

81. iPhoned a Blackberry Hidden Today

82. Green Butterfly

83. Heart

84. Black Butterflies

85. Pink Blackberry

86. Gossip Girl

87. Death Note Bottom Dock

88. Greys Anatomy

89. Christmas

90. Panda

91. Skulls

92. Damon Salvatore Ian Vampire Diaries

93. Nightmare Before Christmas

94. Zebra Hello Kitty

95. Hello Kitty Season’s Greetings

96. Robert Pattinson Customizable

97. Garfield

98. Calvin Hobbes

99. Christmas

100. Halloween Disney

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“BIG Collection of Blackberry Themes”

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Katy Perry – Hot n Cold Lyrics (indonesia version)

Kau ganti pikiran mu
Seperti anak perempuan kecil yg suka ganti baju
Iya lu , pms kaya placur setau gua
Dan lu , selalu , berpikir lebai
seharusnya gua , tau klo lu bukan terbaik buat gua

Karna kau panas lalu dingin
Kau iya lalu tidak
Kau keluar lalu masuk
Kau atas lalu bawah
Waktu salah serasa benar
Itu hitam itu putih
Kita bertengkar kita putus
Kita ciuman kita baikan

Lu memang lu ga mau pergi ~ 0o
Lu memang lu ga mau tinggal~
(Back to reff)

Kita biasanya seperti orang kembar
Energi yang sama
Skrg batre modar
seharusnya aku tau
Lu ga baeek buat~ guaaa aa
(Back to reff)

Sesoraang telpon doktor
Ada kasus tentang cinta
Masih berjalan ky roler koster
Naik turun cintaa~
(Back to reff)

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